How can we help you?

I scanned the validation QR code, but it did not discount my parking

There are a couple of reasons why this might have happened: 

Your visit is not eligible 
Validations are tied to specific locations, meaning the validation you scanned might not be valid where you parked. To learn more about specific validation eligibility, please ask the employee at the front desk or checkout for more information! 

You have poor cell signal 
Cell signal at our business partners can vary depending on provider. If you have poor signal, scan the validation and refresh the page in an area with better signal or ask the business partner to join their Wi-Fi. 

You already validated somewhere else 
Only one validation can be claimed per visit. It is not possible to stack multiple discounts or extend the length of a discount through other means.

Your parking visit already ended. 
Validations can only be applied while your parking visit is still active. Once your visit ends and you've been charged, you are unable to retroactively apply a validation.

Your validation did apply, but you owe for the remaining duration of your visit

If you claimed a duration-based validation (such as 1 hour free parking), the successfully claimed validation will remove the validated duration from the total length of your parking visit. However, if the length of your parking visit is longer than the validated duration, you are responsible for payment of the remaining amount.

For example, if you park for 4 hours, but claim a 1 hour free parking validation, then you are responsible for paying for a 3 hour visit. You can view real-time rates at the location where you are parked by opening your active parking visit in the Metropolis web or iOS app.

Learn more about viewing parking rates here.