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How do I validate/discount parking?

Metropolis offers parking validations at many of our locations. Whether you're a first-time visitor or returning member, follow these easy steps to validate your parking:

  1. Scan the validation QR code available at the front desk or checkout counter of one of our community business partners using your phone.
  2. Claim discounted parking by following the instructions shown when the Metropolis web or iOS app opens.
  3. You will receive confirmation that the validation was successfully applied to your visit. You can see the redeemed validation under the parking visit details section of your active parking visit.

Can I validate more than once? 
Only one validation can be claimed per visit. It is not possible to stack multiple validations or extend the length of a discount.

Can I validate after my visit ends? 
Validations can only be applied while your parking visit is still active. Once your visit ends and you've been charged, you are unable to retroactively apply a validation.

Do I have to become a Metropolis member to validate parking?

If you are validating by scanning a QR code, then you will have to become a Metropolis member. At select community business partners, however, you may validate without creating a Metropolis account using a validation kiosk available at the front desk or checkout counter. Learn more here.

Having trouble claiming the validation? Learn more here.